Subjectsort descending Course Number Title
ABE 487 Metagenomics
ABE 485/ 585 Remote Sensing Data and Methods
ANTH 595D R programming for data visualization and analysis
BIOS 648 Analysis of High Dimensional Data
BIOS 647 Analysis of Categorical Data
BME 577 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
BME 578 Artificial Intelligence for Health & Medicine
CSC 585 Algorithms for Natural Language Processing
CSC 483/583 Text Retrieval & Web Search
CSC 580 Principles of Machine Learning
CSC 581 Advanced Computational Linguistics
CSC 477/ 577 Intro to Computer Vision
CSC 439/ 539 Statistical Natural Language Processing
CSC 438/ 538 Computational Linguistics
CSC 588 Machine Learning Theory
ECE 532 Digital Image Analysis
ECE 523 Engineering Applications of Machine Learning and Data Analytics
ECE 479 Principles of Artificial Intelligence
ECE 466 Knowledge-System Engineering
ECE 411 Numeric Modeling of Physics & Biological Systems