Subjectsort descending Course Number Title
ABE 487 Metagenomics
ABE 485/ 585 Remote Sensing Data and Methods
ANTH 595D R programming for data visualization and analysis
BIOS 647 Analysis of Categorical Data
BIOS 648 Analysis of High Dimensional Data
BME 578 Artificial Intelligence for Health & Medicine
BME 577 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics
CSC 588 Machine Learning Theory
CSC 585 Algorithms for Natural Language Processing
CSC 581 Advanced Computational Linguistics
CSC 483/583 Text Retrieval & Web Search
CSC 477/ 577 Intro to Computer Vision
CSC 580 Principles of Machine Learning
CSC 439/ 539 Statistical Natural Language Processing
CSC 438/ 538 Computational Linguistics
ECE 532 Digital Image Analysis
ECE 523 Engineering Applications of Machine Learning and Data Analytics
ECE 479 Principles of Artificial Intelligence
ECE 466 Knowledge-System Engineering
ECE 411 Numeric Modeling of Physics & Biological Systems