Subject Course Number Titlesort descending
LING 438/ 538 Computational Linguistics
LING 507 Statistical Analysis for Linguistics
LING 582 Advanced Statistical Language Processing
CSC 581 Advanced Computational Linguistics
LING 581 Advanced Computational Linguistics
INFO 422/ 522 Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Concepts
ISTA 422/ 522 Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Concepts
GEOG 420 Advanced GIS
GIST 420 Advanced GIS
RNR 420 Advanced GIS
MATH 571A Advanced Statistical Regression Analysis
INFO 525 Algorithms for Games
CSC 585 Algorithms for Natural Language Processing
BIOS 647 Analysis of Categorical Data
BIOS 648 Analysis of High Dimensional Data
GIST 604A Applied GIS
GIST 470 Applied GIST
EDP 646A Applied Multivariate Statistics in Education
ISTA 455 Applied Natural Language Processing
ISTA 450 Artificial Intelligence