Subject Course Number Titlesort descending
LAW 669A Law & Policy of New Environmental Research (depending on semesterÍs guest speakers)
CSC 588 Machine Learning Theory
GIST 909 Master's Project in Geographic Information Systems Technology
MCB 416A Measurement and Data Analysis in Biomedical Engineering
ABE 487 Metagenomics
FSHD 617C Multilevel Modeling
INFO 557 Neural Networks
ISTA 457 Neural Networks
ECE 411 Numeric Modeling of Physics & Biological Systems
GIST 604B Open Source GIS
ECE 479 Principles of Artificial Intelligence
CSC 580 Principles of Machine Learning
GIST 315 Programming I
GIST 415 Programming II
ANTH 595D R programming for data visualization and analysis
GIST 602A Raster Spatial Analysis
ABE 485/ 585 Remote Sensing Data and Methods
GIST 601B Remote Sensing Science
EDP 641 Selected Applications of Statistical Methods
GIST 498 Senior Capstone