Subjectsort descending Course Number Title
GIST 415 Programming II
GIST 602B Vector Spatial Analysis
GIST 457 Statistical Techniques in Geography, Regional Development, & Planning
GIST 414 Web-Mobile GIS
GIST 602A Raster Spatial Analysis
INFO 525 Algorithms for Games
INFO 422/ 522 Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Concepts
INFO 524 Virtual Reality
INFO 514 Computational Social Science
INFO 557 Neural Networks
INFO 523 Data Mining and Discovery
INFO 521 Introduction to Machine Learning
ISTA 422/ 522 Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Concepts
ISTA 421 Intro to Machine Learning
ISTA 456 Text Retrieval and Web Search
ISTA 455 Applied Natural Language Processing
ISTA 450 Artificial Intelligence
ISTA 457 Neural Networks
LAW 428C/ 528C The Law & Behavior Research Lab
LAW 698O Integrating Science & the Law in Practice (last taught 2015)