Subjectsort descending Course Number Title
LAW 607B Investigations: Civil, Criminal & Internal (module on data-driven investigation)
LAW 428C/ 528C The Law & Behavior Research Lab
LAW 698O Integrating Science & the Law in Practice (last taught 2015)
LAW 696M Empirical Methods in the Law (last taught 2014)
LAW 692A Information Privacy
LAW 682 CyberLaw
LING 582 Advanced Statistical Language Processing
LING 408/ 508 Computational Techniques for Linguistics
LING 507 Statistical Analysis for Linguistics
LING 478/ 578 Speech Technology
LING 439/ 539 Statistical Natural Language Processing
LING 581 Advanced Computational Linguistics
LING 438/ 538 Computational Linguistics
MATH 574T Time Series Analysis
MATH 571A Advanced Statistical Regression Analysis
MATH 367 Statistical Methods in Sports Analytics
MATH 107 Exploring and Understanding Data
MCB 416A Measurement and Data Analysis in Biomedical Engineering
MIS 611D Topics in Data and Web Mining
MIS 601 Statistical Foundations of Machine Learning