Assistant Director, Research Computing, UITS

Blake Joyce

Blake is a code-curious biologist and works with a lot of biology-curious coders. He started his scientific career as an ecologist and realized they needed to learn genetics. Then he became a geneticist and learned that they needed to learn bioinformatics. Then he became a bioinformaticist and realized they needed to learn data science and research computing. 15 years later, he started working for CyVerse to deliver data science, cyberinfrastructure (computing resources), and advanced data visualizations to ecologists, geneticists, and other life scientists. After hours, he dabbles with Jupyter notebooks et al., precision agriculture, zymurgy, Software/Data Carpentry, and Research Bazaar Arizona.  Blake's interests include Machine Learning, Image Analysis, Large Scale Visualization, Data Science Literacy. Blake's current position is Assistant Director, Research Computing, UITS, University of Arizona:

Educational Background:
PhD Plants, Soils, and Insects, University of Tennessee, 2013
Master's, Plant Sciences, minor: Statistics, University of Tennessee, 2008
BS Ecology, University of Georgia, 2006
BS Biology, University of Georgia, 2006