Data Science Fellow; Postdoc - Astronomy

Chi-kwan Chan

Chi-kwan Chan works with cutting edge technologies to advance scientific research.  An avid coder and an expert in computational astrophysics and high performance computing, Chi-kwan has developed new algorithms to solve complex physical systems, used graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate numerical simulations, designed cloud computing infrastructures to handle large data sets, and applied machine learning algorithms to speed up and automate data processing.  Some of Chi-kwan's active projects include capturing images of black holes (the Event Horizon Telescope project) and visualizing numerical simulations in virtual reality.

At Data7, Chi-kwan finds synergy in data science and physical science to advance interdisciplinary research.  He has been developing algorithms originally used by data scientists to advance astrophysical research and writing codes originally used by physicists to solve new data science problems.  A true wildcat, Chi-kwan received his bachelors and doctoral degrees from the University of Arizona.  Chi-kwan is also an astronomer at the Steward Observatory.