Professor, School of Sociology; Director of the Certificate Program in Computational Social Sciences

Joe Galaskiewicz

After graduating with a Ph.D. in Sociology, Galaskiewicz joined the Sociology faculty at the University of Minnesota where he achieved the rank of Professor and also became a faculty member in the Carlson School of Management. He came to the University of Arizona's Sociology department in 2001 and is the founding Director of the Certificate Program in Computational Social Sciences. Since coming to Arizona he has worked with large data sets of establishments in the Phoenix metro area using GIS methods and spatial econometrics to explain changes in organizational populations from 2003 to 2013. Also he has studied the ties between households and these establishments and their spatial capital. He also is doing research on dynamic models of network change using new visualization techniques (NDTV). He has been funded by NSF almost continuously since 1980. Areas of interest include Large Scale Visualization and Data Science Literacy.