College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Kathryn Busby

Kathryn Busby is a PhD candidate in Entomology and Insect Science. She is interested in how natural history of interacting organisms is affected by their environment. Specifically, she is focused on native bees and their interactions. Carpenter bees in the Sonoran Desert face extremely high temperatures while in their nests, and temperatures in the Sonoran Desert are projected to increase in the next 50 years. Many aspects of natural history depend on temperature. Kathryn wants to find out whether carpenter bees will survive these projected temperatures, and how the nature of their interactions with their nest plant and their bird predators might change. Kathryn has found an excellent data science community at UA, and wants to share these resources with others. She is especially excited about creating effective data visualizations, and about learning more in R, Python, and Arduino.

Cohort Year