Research Assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rahul Kumar Bhadani

Rahul Kumar Bhadani is a graduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Statistics GIDP, at The University of Arizona. He did his undergraduate degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Computer Sciences and Software Engineering. In his PhD program, he is working under the supervision of Dr. Jonathan Sprinkle to develop novel control and learning algorithms for autonomous driving technology and intelligent transportation systems. He has project management and leadership experience gained while serving as a mentor for REU undergraduate interns every Summer since 2016, supervising them on projects related with controller design for autonomous driving and detection/perception algorithms using range of sensors including LIDAR, Stereocamera and GPS.

Educational Background
  • MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Arizona, 2017
  • MS, Statistics, The University of Arizona, 2019
  • PhD, Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Arizona, 2020
Area(s) of Interest
  • Machine Learning
  • Image Analysis
  • Large Scale Visualization
  • Data Science Literacy