Deputy Director for Research Cyberinfrastructure, Data7

Susan Miller

Susan Miller's experience includes data analysis, High Performance Computing, conducting Computing Workshops for Scientists, and collaborations with CyVerse, AGAVE, UAMap/KMAP, and Space Objects Behavioral Sciences projects. Susan has completed HIPAA training and participated in the 2016-2017 cohort of the UA IT Leadership Academy. Susan also serves on the UA Research Computing Governance Committee and several related subcommittees.

Susan earned a M.S. in Computer Science from UA in 1983 and a B.S. in Molecular & Cellular Biology in 2002. Her other interests include public speaking, writing, and cat rescue. She is a member of the UA Biosciences Toastmasters club. With Nirav Merchant, she has co-authored a chapter on Bioinformatics Programming in David Mount's Bioinformatics text book.

Collaborations on analysis of NextGen Sequencing data or Whole Genome Analyses can be arranged through UA Genome Analytics Services. Assistance with High Throughput Computing for Life Sciences is also available through UA GAS.