Assistant Professor Biobehavioral Health Sciences Division University of Arizona, Associate Member University of Arizona Cancer Center

Tracy Crane

My research program designs and tests integrated lifestyle behavior and symptom management interventions to reduce symptom burden and increase adherence to cancer-preventive lifestyle behaviors including diet, physical activity and tobacco use. This research utilizes real-time, multi-modal methods for assessing and intervening on both symptoms and lifestyle behaviors to improve patient reported outcomes and ultimately prevent cancer in cancer survivors and their informal caregivers (family, friends). Utilizing digital voice recordings from intervention sessions, my team and I are also interested in associating adherence to lifestyle behavior interventions and language employing techniques such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

Educational Background

  • BS - Nutritional Sciences - Dietetics
  • MS - Nutritional Sciences
  • PhD - Nurse Science minor Psychology
  • RDN - Registered Dietitian Nutritionist