Introduction to Data Analysis & Visualization with Python

Machine Learning Algorithms


1 to 2:30 p.m., Nov. 29, 2022

This workshop will cover general Data Science methods, techniques, and tools to enable scientific discovery in the applied sciences. It will help participants in carrying out a complete data mining & data modeling process with the help of statistical analysis, classical machine learning and visualization techniques.

Skills development:
    - Apply Jupyter Notebooks in your problem-solving environment.
    - Discover how the Python programming language is used in general applied Data Science tasks.
    - Make use of NumPy library for working with fundamental data structures and mathematics.
    - Solve data analysis problems with the help of the Pandas library.
    - Produce different data visualization plots with the help of Matplotlib and Seaborn libraries.
    - Classify the main type of Machine Learning problems and identify the most used algorithms.
    - Carry out Time Series Analysis and produce forecasting scenarios.

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Carlos Lizarraga