UArizona Data Lab

The University of Arizona Data Lab (UArizona Data Lab), with the Data Science Institute and the Institute for Computation & Data-Enabled Insight, serves as a vibrant center for fostering interdisciplinary research in the field of data science. It offers a collaborative environment where researchers and students from diverse disciplines come together to explore, analyze, and extract insights from complex datasets. Through interdisciplinary workshops, consultations, and a range of tools and resources, the UArizona Data Lab empowers researchers, students, and industry partners to harness the potential of data-driven discovery.

Spring 2024: UArizona Data Lab Workshops

The UArizona Data Lab offers a robust schedule of workshops and activities during the academic year. 


Navigating the World of Data Engineering - Mondays 2-3pm

Cracking the Coding Interview - Mon/Wed/Fri 4-5pm

Data & Viz Drop-in - Tuesdays 9-11am

NextGen Geospatial Data Science - Tuesdays 2-3pm

Data Science Essentials: From Jupyter to AI Tools - Tuesdays 3-4pm

Data Science Tapas: Savor the Tools of Data Mastery - Wednesdays 1-2pm

Mastering Machine Learning: Your Path to Data-Driven Research - Thursdays 2-3pm

Introduction to Deep Learning - Thursdays 3-4pm

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The workshop series can be found on the UArizona Data Lab YouTube channel

UArizona Data Lab YouTube channel

UArizona Data Lab activities

Thee Data Science Institute and the UArizona Data Lab support many projects and activities around UArizona.

Advantages of the UArizona Data Lab

  • Improved Research: Help researchers to explore new ideas and develop innovative solutions to complex problems leading to breakthroughs in areas like healthcare, finance, and social science.  

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  • Innovation: Encourage innovation and entrepreneurship by providing a space to explore new ideas and develop new applications.
  • Industry Partnerships: Facilitate partnerships with industry partners that lead to new research opportunities, funding, and internships.
  • Career Opportunities: Provide hands-on experience in data science which can improve job prospects.

Contact the UArizona Data Lab to learn how we can partner or bring the UArizona Data Lab experience to your department.

Consultation services at the UArizona Data Lab

    AI applications research software
    Cloud based analytic tools
    Data mining & analytics tools
    Data visualization tools
    Data protection & validation

To schedule a consultation, email the UArizona Data Lab team.


Jeff Gillan
Michele Cosi
Carlos Lizárraga
Mithun Paul

Associate Members

Andrew Bennett
Greg Chism
Angela Cruze
Tina L. Johnson
Enrique Noriega
Maliaca Oxnam
Tyson Swetnam


Linda Engelman (U)
Eric Fingalson (V)
Atharva Goel (HS)
Brenda Huppenthal (GA)
Megh Krishnaswamy (GA)
Quanwei Lei (U)
Patrick Lohr (V)
Austin Medina (U)
Mario Weiler (U)
Shashank Yadav (GA)

*GA=Graduate Assistant, U=Undergrad, V=Volunteer