Data Science Fellows

Intended for scientists at the Postdoctoral level, Fellows will participate in a dynamic environment to develop, exchange, and create data science expertise to solve cutting edge research problems in health and biomedical sciences.  Fellows will receive intensive training and mentorship focused on data science techniques as applicable to their research. Fellows must be open to collaborations and exchanging ideas, will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and domains.


Read about the Data Science Fellows program in the Training and Retaining Home-grown Data Scientists article by the University of Arizona Health Sciences.

Program Details

The program is expected to begin August 29, 2022 with new cohorts beginning each 6 months following.  Each cohort is supported for one year. Fellows are jointly funded with an academic home and will receive a 50% annual salary support (up to $30k).  Fellows are expected to spend some of their time in the BSRL Data Science Learning Space, working with other fellows, assisting on special projects, developing their data science and domain expertise, developing training material, and delivering workshops and webinars.  

In exchange for the salary support, Fellows are expected to participate in training activities and put the remainder of their .5 FTE towards application of the tools and concepts directly to their laboratories and research processes.  The cohort will be 2-5 fellows and meet twice, weekly, on campus for 1.5 hr for formal lecture and lab time with additional informal meeting hours. 

Topics covered in this program include:

  • Project Management
  • Foundational computer science skills
  • FAIR and OPEN principles
  • Computational resources
  • Communication and outreach techniques
  • Basic machine learning
  • Advanced research techniques as based on the knowledge and experience of the cohort participants

Fellows will be expected to interact with each other, students, faculty and researchers affiliated with the Data Science Institute and to contribute to the vibrant UA data science community.  These interactions will take place as part of their co-location in the Data Science Learning Space located in BSRL and their joint training, mentorship, community building, and research activities. Exceptions will be considered for outstanding applicants from the Phoenix campus who are dedicated to building a community virtually. They will be able to participate and dedicate their 20 hours from their home labs in Phoenix with the expectation that they will remain engaged and independently create opportunities to share their data science knowledge with their community.


Candidates should be hired into a postdoctoral position at the University of Arizona prior to the start date of the program.  This is a co-support opportunity that will provide 50% of the fellow’s salary and benefits during the year commitment. 4th year graduate students will be considered. Successful candidates will have a project or paper either completed or in the works that will benefit from OPEN science principles and data science techniques. Candidates are expected to have a health sciences focus, a strong desire for interdisciplinary collaborative work, a willingness to help others, and want to develop the data science support community on campus. 

Application Procedure

Fill out this Google form:

Direct questions to

The program provides up to $30,000 for the fiscal year to cover up to .5 FTE.

Approximately 20h per week, onsite with the other DS Fellows, Analytics Powerhouse, and/or Data Science Institute staff

Yes.  Participants are expected to be onsite ~20h per week.  Participants who dedicate the suggested time and remove themselves from regular day to day distractions  by making use of the space provided at the Institute have more successful experiences in the program.

  • Q: What if I need to travel (e.g., to a conference) during the program?
    • A: We encourage you to participate in your field's conferences/workshops and will work with you to accommodate your schedules.

We encourage you to participate in your field's conferences/workshops and will work with you to accommodate your schedules.

Current Data Science Fellows

Photo of Zhiyang Fu

Zhiyang Fu

Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Medical Imaging
Photo of Linnea Honeker

Linnea Katherine Honeker

Postdoctoral Researcher, Biosphere 2/School of Natural Resources
Photo of Qichao Hu

Qichao Hu

PhD Candidate, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Lydia Jennings

Lydia Jennings

Postdoctoral Researcher, College of Public Health
Photo of Luisa Rojas

Luisa Maria Rojas

PhD Candidate, College of Medicine-Phoenix, Child Health