Research Overview

Open Innovation, Collaboration Driven

The Data Science Institute fills the gap between research software and domain science by working with research teams at the cutting edge of data-driven discovery.  Our team of data scientists helps research projects leveraging cutting edge tools.  DSI is open to new target areas.  Contact us at sends e-mail) if there is an emerging data science technology, technique, or research area that should be considered.

Data Science Literacy

Data Science is an interdisciplinary endeavor merging techniques from computer science, statistics, and math with domain-level concepts to increase discovery through data analytics and visualization. However, taking advantage of advanced computational resources and the "big data revolution" requires a set of specialized skills and core competencies.

To foster Data Science Literacy, the Institute partners with the Data Science Research & Training (DSRT) Steering Committee, and many campus trainers in support of teaching the computational and data science necessary for today's research needs.  The Data Science Institute is also connected with the UA Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) effor focused on the theoretical foundations of Data Science.