Education Overview

Data Science is an interdisciplinary endeavor, merging techniques from computer science, statistics, and math with domain-level concepts to increase discovery through data analytics and visualization. However, taking advantage of advanced computational resources and the "big data revolution" requires a set of specialized skills and core competencies.

To foster Data Science Literacy, the Institute partners with the Data Science Research & Training (DSRT) Steering Committee, and many campus trainers in support of teaching the computational and data science necessary for today's research needs.  The Data Science Institute is also connected with the UA Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) effort, focused on the theoretical foundations of Data Science.

The Data Science Institute provides advising and collaboration on curriculum development and coordination of just-in-time training to support curricular and research activities.

Data Science Institute Trainers and Educators

Data Science Training Community

Jessica Guo

Data Scientist III, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Kristina Riemer

Interim Director, Data Science, Communications & Cyber Technologies

Fernando Rios

Research Data Management Specialist, Research Engagement, University Libraries