UArizona Data Lab: Computer Vision: Image and Analysis

Unlocking the Power of Data - A Journey Through Machine Learning & Deep Learning


1 to 2 p.m., Nov. 21, 2023

This series aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to data science using Python tools. Through eight one-hour sessions, you will gain hands-on experience in analyzing various types of data such as numbers, text, time-series, images, and videos.
These workshops are designed to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for academic and professional growth in data science. Your participation in these workshops will improve your understanding of the subject and allow you to connect with peers and experts from different fields.
Learning Objectives
    - To impart a foundational understanding of data science methodologies and techniques.
   - To facilitate hands-on experience with Python libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, and Matplotlib, scikit-learn.
   - To enable graduate students to analyze and interpret diverse types of data, including numeric, textual, time-series, image, and video data.

Workshops are held in-person at the UA Main Library, CATalyst Data Studio (B201) and via Zoom at

Whether attending in-person or via Zoom, register weekly to attend these workshops.


10/03 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Introduction to Python for Data Science    
10/10 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Data Wrangling 101: Pandas in Action   
10/17 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Statistical Inference: The Backbone of Data Science
10/24 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Machine Learning Basics: Scikit-learn Unveiled   
10/31 2pm UArizona Data Lab:  Natural Language Processing: Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis   
11/07 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Time Series Analysis: Forecasting the Future   
11/14 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Deep Dive into Deep Learning: Neural Networks Demystified   
11/21 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Computer Vision: Image and Video Analysis
11/28 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  AI Tools Landscape


Carlos Lizárraga