Data Science Fellows Program

The Data Science Fellows program is now accepting applications for the Fall of 2021.

The University of Arizona Health Sciences in partnership with the Data Science Institute invite applications for its Data Science Fellows program. This program is for scientists at the Postdoc level. Fellows will participate in a dynamic environment to develop, exchange, and create data science expertise to solve cutting edge research problems in health and biomedical sciences.  Fellows will receive intensive training and mentorship customized to their specific interests and backgrounds. Fellows must be open to collaborations and exchanging ideas, will come from a diverse range of backgrounds and domains, and will generally fall into one of three categories: 

  • Foundational data science – i.e., the development of data science methods, 
  • The application of data science to one or more fields in life, health, and biomedical sciences and engineering
  • Development of interdisciplinary data science communities, collaboration, and knowledge exchange. 

Fellows will be expected to interact with each other, students, faculty and researchers affiliated with Data7 and to contribute to the vibrant UA data science community.  These interactions will take place as part of their co-location in the Data Science Learning Space located in BSRL and their joint training, mentorship, community building, and research activities.

Program Details

The program began in August of 2021 with new cohorts starting about every six months.  Each cohort is supported for one year. Fellows are jointly funded with an academic home and will receive a 50% annual salary support (up to $30k).  Fellows are expected to spend 50% of their time in the BSRL Data Science Learning Space, working with other fellows, assisting on special projects, developing their data science and domain expertise, developing training material, and delivering workshops and webinars.  A significant part of training material development will be done in collaboration with and in accordance to The Carpentries (, provided by a unique Memorandum of Understanding created between The Carpentries and the University of Arizona.


Candidates should have a PhD or be on track to earn a PhD before they begin their tenure as DS Fellows, and have a supporting home research group (this is a co-support opportunity) that will provide 50% of the fellow’s salary and benefits during the year commitment. 4th year graduate students will be considered. Successful candidates will have a strong record in data science related research or a compelling proposal to carry out such research at the University of Arizona. Candidates are expected to have a strong desire for interdisciplinary collaborative work, a willingness to help others, and want to create an inclusive learning environment. 

Application Procedure

Data Science Institute affiliates. Candidates should have a conversation with these faculty mentors prior to their application to ensure a proper fit of interests and personalities.  Preference will be given to candidates who propose to work with two or more faculty from different disciplines. To apply, please submit the following materials to:

  • A brief cover letter that states the overall goals and motivation for applying, as well as a potential choice of mentor(s) (1 page)
  • A curriculum vitae (including a list of publications)
  • A single document containing a brief statement of past research accomplishments (1 page) and a proposal of research to be conducted at Data7 (2 pages).  Please emphasize:
    • Your commitment to teaching, training, and collaboration with other researchers across disciplines
    • How this program will benefit your future research
    • Your experience with Data Science tools and techniques
    • Your experience working on team/collaborative projects
  • Signed agreement letter by the home research group professor: