Senior Ambassador, Applied Intercultural Arts & Research GIDP, Graduate College

Karen De la Rosa

Karen De la Rosa is a Ph.D. student in the new Applied Intercultural Arts Research GIDP (AIAR) at UA. She has explored the relationship between music-related variables and behavioral phenomena using a wide range of procedures such as machine learning, R and Python analytics, sentiment analysis, linear models, content analysis, frequency distributions, mediator/moderator modeling analysis, and structural equations. Her paper “Why do young adults listen to Music?” was presented at the 2016 International Journal of Arts and Sciences (IJAS) Conference in Rome, and later published in that same journal in 2017. Karen is currently working on machine learning models predicting music consumption behaviors and other related outcomes using business, health, media and historical data. Karen is an R enthusiast and her professional interests include applications of machine learning algorithms in industry as well as data science applications in interdisciplinary settings.

Cohort Year