Research Themes

Data Science Literacy

Data Science Literacy is one of the seed initiatives for the Data Science Institute.  To support innovation at the University of Arizona, the Data Science Institute works to provide expertise and training in Data Science, and to develop avenues for researchers to best leverage advanced cyberinfrastructure resources at local and national levels.  To foster Data Science Literacy, the Institute partners with the Data Science Research & Training (DSRT) Steering Committee, and many campus trainers in support of teaching the computational and data science necessary for today's research needs.  The Data Science Institute is also connected with the UA Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science (TRIPODS) effort, focused on the theoretical foundations of Data Science.


We solicit one-page white papers describing projects that fit the mission and goals of the Data Science Institute and fall into our focus areas:

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image Informatics
  • Large-Scale Data Visualization

Projects should combine medium- to large-scale, multidisciplinary research teams with the intention of pursuing external funding in six to 12 months. The purpose should be to produce proof of concept and results that provide competitive advantage when pursuing funding opportunities.