UArizona Data Lab: Databricks, SageMaker, Cyverse

Deep Dive into Deep Learning: An Exploration


1 to 2 p.m., Nov. 9, 2023

Have you been hearing terms like GPT, Large Language Models, Deep Learning, etc., and you want to know more about them or even how to use them in your work? The UArizona DataLab is presenting a 7-week introductory workshop series. This hands-on workshop will start with an introduction to neural networks, which form the foundation of deep learning. We will then progress to using state-of-the-art deep learning models for various tasks, all from your laptop. All you need is basic Python programming knowledge and an open mind.

   Learning Objectives
   - Introduction to Python and its ecosystem for deep learning.
   - Basics of neural networks and architectures.
   - Text data processing using deep learning.
   - Time series analysis using recurrent neural networks.
   - Basics of CNNs and image data processing.
   - Introduction to reinforcement learning techniques.
   - Introduction to GANs and generative models.

Whether attending in-person or via Zoom, register weekly to attend these workshops.

Workshops are held in-person at Weaver Science and Engineering Library 212 and via Zoom at

Register weekly

  • 10/12 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Intro to hugging face   
  • 10/19 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Using Transformers
  • 10/26 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Fine Tuning A Pre-trained model
  • 11/02 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Training a model from scratch+ Multimodal- vision, video, audio
  • 11/09 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Databricks, SageMaker, Cyverse
  • 11/16 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  How GPT and other Large Language Models Work
  • 11/23   (No Workshop)
  • 11/30 1pm UArizona Data Lab:  Quantum AI


Carlos Lizarraga