Asif Zeshan

Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

I'm a young design enthusiast who hails from Bangladesh, a vibrant country in Southeast Asia. With a Bachelor's degree in architecture, I embarked on a joyful journey to enhance my skills through a Master's in Architecture here at UA. My passion lies in the fusion of technology and creative architecture to craft something extraordinary. Currently, I'm charting unexplored territory with my research, delving into the integration of post-human intelligence into architectural design. For me, it's all about embracing the future! Augmented Reality also holds my fascination, offering innovative ways to connect digital and real-world spaces, enabling the creation of spaces people will adore. But wait, there's more! I'm also a bit of a digital wizard! My passion lies in UX and Social Media Communication design, crafting user-friendly digital experiences. My toolkit spans drawing, modeling, simulations, visualization, and even public speaking. I'm also curious about Virtual Reality and programming, especially Python - all part of my thrilling adventure. 

My goal? To excel in research by seamlessly merging academia and the professional world, shaping a brighter tomorrow where everyone enjoys user-driven, intelligently designed spaces and products. Join me on this exciting journey towards a more accessible and user-centric future!" 

Fall 2023: R4RARCITECTURE Integrating R4R Learnings in Architecture