Zaniar Ardalan PhD student in Systems and Industrial Engineering (Minor in Computer Science)
Drake Asberry College of Humanities, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching GIDP
Michael Barker Associate Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Director, Bioinformatics Degree Program
Ryan Bartelme
Brian Bell Applied Mathematics GIDP
Steven Bethard Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona School of Information
Rahul Kumar Bhadani Research Assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Alex Bigelow
Ronald Breiger Regents' Professor; Professor, School of Sociology; Affiliate, Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics; Professor (by courtesy), School of Government and Public Policy
William Bresette College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Patrick Bunn College of Science
Kathryn Busby College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Robert Canales Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences
Chi-kwan Chan Data Science Fellow; Postdoc - Astronomy
A young man smiles in a headlamp with a large moth on his cheek
Greg Chism Entomology & Insect Sciences
Tracy Crane Assistant Professor Biobehavioral Health Sciences Division University of Arizona, Associate Member University of Arizona Cancer Center
Alexander Danvers Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Psychology
Jim Davis Manager of Infrastructure Services
Karen De la Rosa Senior Ambassador, Applied Intercultural Arts & Research GIDP, Graduate College
Gustavo de Oliveira Almeida
Arthur Delsing Manager of Business Analytics Projects, Eller College of Management (MSBA)
A woman with long, dark hair stands in front of a building with her arms crossed in a black long sleeve button up
Laura W. Dozal School of Information
Nick Eddy Applications Systems Analyst/Developer, Senior
Reza stands in front of shelves of books wearing a pink button up
Reza Ehsani Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences
Neng Fan Assistant Professor, Systems and Industrial Engineering; Assistant Professor, Applied Mathematics - GIDP; Assistant Professor, Statistics-GIDP
Hagan Franks Manager of Software Engineering
Joe Galaskiewicz Professor, School of Sociology; Director of the Certificate Program in Computational Social Sciences
Kelsey Gonzalez Senior Ambassador, College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Gus Hahn-Powell Assistant Professor, Linguistics; Assistant Professor, Cognitive Science - GIDP; Affiliated Faculty, Computational Social Science Certificate Program
Mike Hammond Professor, Linguistics; Professor, Cognitive Science - GIDP; Professor, Second Language Acquisition / Teaching - GIDP
Jiali Han Data Science Ambassador
P. Bryan Heidorn Professor, School of Information Director; Center for Digital Society and Data Studies
Robert Henderson Assistant Professor, Linguistics; Assistant Professor, Second Language Acquisition / Teaching - GIDP
A man in a grey polo T-shirt smiles in front of a building
James Hollister Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health
Iqbal Hossain Postdoc - Computer Science
Amy Hudson Data Science Ambassador
Sujay Idagunji UA Eller College of Management
M. Sriram Iyengar Director, Clinical Outcomes Research
Peter Jansen Assistant Professor, School of Information
Jong-Hyun Jeong PhD Candidate, Civil & Arch. Engineering & Mechanics
Lin Ji College of Science
Blake Joyce Assistant Director, Research Computing, UITS
Jennifer Kadowaki College of Science
Harshad Kalyankar Aerospace Engineering
Ahyoung Amy Kim Ph.D. Student, Statistics GIDP; Graduate Research Assistant, UA TRIPODS
Jonathan King College of Science
Hongseok Ko Graduate candidate/Graduate Research Assistant, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (EEB)
Stephen Koubourov
Stephen Kobourov Associate Director, UA Data Science Institute; Professor, Computer Science
Anna Leach PhD Student/Teaching Associate, School of Information
David LeBauer Director of Data Science for the Arizona Experiment Station
Xiang Liu Data Science Ambassador
Tao Liu Postdoc, Geosciences; Hydrology & Atmospheric Sciences
Joseph Long Ph.D. Student, Department of Astronomy / Steward Observatory
Joseph Long Data Science Ambassador
Eric Lyons Associate Professor - School of Plant Sciences, BIO5 Institute, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, CyVerse (formerly the iPlant Collaborative), College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Brian Maitner Data Science Ambassador
Lhundrub Matsuura Linguistics Dept
Fiona McCarthy Associate Professor, School of Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences
Torbet McNeil College of Education
Nirav Merchant Director, UA Data Science Institute (Data7) Co-PI, CyVerse
Don Merson Data Science Ambassador
Frances Miller Research Analyst, UITS - Trellis
Matt Miller Data Science Ambassador
Vivian Miranda Steward Observatory, Astronomy Department
Sayyed Faraz Mohseni Student, University of Arizona
Clayton Morrison Associate Professor UA School of Information; Statistics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program faculty
Dwight Nwaigwe Applied Mathematics GIDP, Graduate College
Jeffrey Oliver Data Science Specialist, Office of Digital Innovation & Stewardship, University Libraries
Maliaca Oxnam Deputy Director, Data Science Institute
Laurent Pagnier Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, U of A
Alex Pakalniskis College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Alex Pakalniskis PhD Student and Graduate Teaching Assistant, School of Geography and Development
Joel Parker Biostatistics MS, Mel and Enid Zuckerman School of Public Health
Duke Pauli Assistant Professor, School of Plant Science
Adriana Picoral Second Language Acquisition and Teaching GIDP
Walter Piegorsch Professor/Dept. of Mathematics; Director of Statistical Research & Education/BIO5 Institute
Julian Pistorius Software Engineer, BIO5 Institute & CyVerse
Alise Ponsero
Samir Rachid Zaim Graduate Research Assistant, Center for Biomedical Informatics & Biostatistics; Graduate Researcher in Lussier Lab
Cristian Román-Palacios Data Science Ambassador
Joellen Russell Thomas R. Brown Distinguished Chair of Integrative Science; Assoc. Professor in the Department of Geosciences and jointly appointed in the Department of Planetary Science/ LPL
Austin Rutherford Senior Ambassador, College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Saren Seeley College of Science
Laurie Sheldon College of Education
Yotam Shmargad Assistant Professor, School of Government & Public Policy
A woman with shoulder length blonde hair sits on a white couch, leaning forward in a pink, sleeveless sweater and blue jeans
Sarah Stueve School of Information
Vignesh Subbian Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Systems and Industrial Engineering
Mihai Surdeanu
Mihai Surdeanu Associate Professor, Computer Science Associate Professor, Cognitive Science – GIDP
Tyson Swetnam Science Informatician, CyVerse, BIO5 Institute
Ravi Tandon Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, UA
Anandraj Thiyagarajaperumal SNRE
Elmira Torabzadeh Statistician at BIO5
A woman with short, dark hair and round, wire rim glasses smiles in front of a small harbor wearing a dark long sleeve shirt and a colorful scarf
Linh Tran Genetics
Reetu Tuteja Science Analyst
Guillermo Uribe Data Analyst and Instructor, Department of Mathematics
Sayyed Mohsen Vazirizade Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. Minor in System and Industrial Engineering.
Isabella Viney College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
Francesca Vitali Research Assistant Professor, Center for Biomedical Informatics and Biostatistics
A man wearing a blue and white striped button up and rectangular, wire-framed glasses smiles in front of an orange background
Pankaj Vyas Nursing
Xia Wang Postdoc - Molecular and Cellular Biology
A man with short dark hair wearing a polka-dotted collared shirt and a black jacket stands in front of a cream wall
Ethan Wissler College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture
Shu-Fen Wung Associate Professor, Nursing
Michelle Yung Applications Systems Analyst/Developer
Ann Zabludoff Professor, Department of Astronomy; Astronomer, Steward Observatory
Samir Rachid Zaim College of Medicine - Tucson, Statistics & Data Science GIDP
Helen Zhang
Helen Zhang Professor, Mathematics Professor, Statistics-GIDP
Qiang Zhou Assistant Professor, Department of Systems and Industrial Engineering; Faculty member of the UA Statistics GIDP (graduate interdisciplinary program); Director, Reliability & Intelligent Systems Engineering Lab